About the Queen

I’m Kathleen (also known as the Mountain Queen) and I’m a die-hard trail runner and cyclist that decided to start a blog about my dreams to rule the mountains. I currently live in Richmond, VA, which is urban and flat, but I try to get out as much as possible!

I also have dreams of being a Mayan princess...

I also have dreams of being a Mayan princess…

In the REAL world, which is most of the time,

First and foremost,

  • I’m  a COFFEE ADDICT. Like, I need it. To think.
  • Grad student at Virginia Commonwealth University working on my Masters of Urban and Regional Planning degree.
  • Membership coordinator at an environmental non profit organization.. blah blah work stuff.
  • Other than trail running and biking, I love outdoorsy activities such as climbing, backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, day-drinking….etc

    Being outdoorsy-ish in West VA

    Being outdoorsy-ish in West VA

  • Puppy mom to an amazingly sweet golden retriever, SCOUT
  • Obsessive bacon and beer lover. Beer=Belgian or IPA (I’m old). Bacon=cooked.
  • A former JMU Duke! 

    I Bleed Beer. Oh, how I miss college...

    I Bleed Beer. Oh, how I miss college…

Puppy Princess:

This is my fur-child, Scout.  Excuse the bias, but she is the most mountainous, majestic dog ever.  Also, she might appear on this blog about 87% of the time, so get used to it.

Scout, the majestic mountain dog

Scout, the majestic mountain dog

Why the Mountain Queen?

I guess my name is kind of fun to rhyme with and that I like to do hardcore stuff in the mountains, because my friends always have called me “Kathleen the Mountain Queen.”  I secretly love it, not because I necessarily think I rule the mountains, but because it inspires me to be tough, resilient, and to keep pushing myself.

What kinds of things does a Mountain Queen do?

A true MQ is probably a rugged mountain woman who can run down, hunt, and kill her own food (preferably a grizzly bear), lets be honest. But at her heart, she is fearless and does cool outdoorsy thing while living her life to the fullest. YOLO.

I’m only in my young 20’s, but so far, I can say I’ve been fortunate to have embarked on a few very cool adventures.

For example, when I was 19, I bicycled across the USA, from Nags Head, NC to San Diego, CA, raising money and awareness for affordable housing needs. I went with a group called Bike and Build. The entire trip took about 10 weeks, averaging about~70 miles a day. Along the way, we would take a day off of biking and volunteer with different local affordable housing organizations.

grand canyon

Some of the group at the Grand Canyon!

wild ponies

I had to stop and walk my bike at one point in Colorado because the road was full of wild ponies!

We also went skydiving once we reached San Diego! What better way to end an amazing trip than knocking off another item on the bucket list!


Besides cycling long-ish distances, I also like to run 50K races on trails for fun  (this pic was taken at the finish line of my first race, Mountains to Sea 50k!). You may not be able to tell but I was more than ready to be done at this point!

50k dying

When she is not curled in a ball being adorable, Scout is an awesome mountain dog companion! When it isn’t too hot outside, she enjoys running along the trails with me 🙂


Goldens rule!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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