(Late) Weekly Workout Roundup (8/4-8/10)

This post is so late I can barely remember what I did last week, but luckily I’m the type A type (sometimes) who writes down what I do every hour of the day in my planner!

Sunday, 8/4:

PM: 20 mile road ride

Nice, easy ride after an extremely filling brunch. It was a gorgeous day out! 

Monday, 8/5:

AM: Ran 5 miles with Scout

I ran on trails for some of this run, and it was very hilly. Also, ran through Byrd Park which has about a million geese that Scout likes to pretend to hunt. Mostly she just eats their poop.

Tuesday, 8/6: Rest.

I woke up feeling SO sick. It was only a minor cold, but I had a throbbing headache and a sore throat, so I felt like death. I ended up laying in bed the entire day (minus a morning interview).  Taking about a 4 hour nap and then sleeping 14 hours that night made me feel a little better…

Wednesday, 8/7:

PM: 30.5 mile road ride. 

Felt better and also decided it would be nice to go on an easy ride. This ride was extremely slow and flat, but it was nice to leave my bed. I was turning into a vegetable and needed to move.

Thursday, 8/8:

PM: 60 mile road ride (10 mile commute + 50 mile ride)

Hot and uneventful. I am not sure if it is typical to count a bike commute into long ride mileage, but as I was pressed for time, it will have to do.

Friday, 8/9:

AM: 17 mile road ride 

PM: Did a 15-minute circuit workout at the gym! Woo! 

Somehow it isn’t hard for me to get out and bike for 4 hours at a time, but getting myself to the gym to work on my muscles is another story….

Saturday, 8/10: 

AM: 10-mile run with Scout

As I mentioned last post, I literally ran my errands. It was really nice getting in a longer run. I have grand plans to do a couple of more ultras in the spring, so would love to start increasing my running mileage every week.  

Do you ever count a couple different runs or bike rides as one long ride/run if done in the same day? 

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