Scout-a-palooza, or the story of a party pup.

Last Thursday’s long bike ride (THANK THE LORD) did indeed happen, although my nose was running the entire ride (annoying).

I had to work that day from 9am-1pm, so I biked to and from work (about 8-9 miles total) and then ventured out on the road all kitted up around 2pm. I ended up doing about 50 miles, which gave me a total of about 60 miles total for that day on a bike.

The ride was pretty uneventful, but I love getting out of the city and riding on hilly country roads. It makes me miss riding out on mountain roads A LOT, as I did in college…..

Anyhow- VA is pretty evil in the summertime and is extremely humid about 99% of the time, so post-ride I replenished all my lost sweat with about a half-gallon of Arnold Palmer’s sweet tea. Later, I stuffed my face with some of Kashi’s frozen stuffed pizza, and it was glorious.

Saturday, I had a couple errands to run and made the decision to literally run them all. I ended up running 10 miles total. It was only a little awkward running while carrying a bag full of Scout’s flea medicine and heartworm pills….

And-by some power of God, as SOON as I finished that last mile and was casually hobbling walking down my block to my house, it started thundering and down-pouring like crazy!!!! I was super thankful that I was so close to my house!

Luckily the rain stopped shortly! I mentioned it in my last post, but that night I was hosting a party for the first anniversary of adopting my sweet dog, Scout! The party was aptly named “Scout-A-Palooza.”  It was a hit- more people showed up for her party than any other party I’d ever hosted! Scout got balloons, treats, and a couple of (accidentally)spilled beers to lick up (she is rather obsessed with the stuff and it scares me a bit…)

I also dressed her in a pink hippo party costume.

She obviously loves the costume...

She obviously loves the costume…

Overall, her birthday was fun, and a lot of good friends enjoyed themselves! It was also amazing to spend time with the new roommates (one of them is my little sister, so not really a “new” roommate, per se). Can you tell which one is her?

New roommates!

New roommates!

Have you completed a long or hard bike ride or run recently?

If you have a dog, is it obsessed with beer/any other type of alcohol?

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