Moving is Stressful. How to Deal.

My life has been bonkers, lately.

I moved houses last week.

I only moved one measly mile away, but everything that COULD go wrong, went wrong or at least it seemed that way.

My landlord told me we couldn’t have a pet.  This made me go a little crazy because she previously had told me that we could. (?).

Anyhow, Scout kind of resembles my adopted daughter and I was not about to let her get left to the curb, so I wheeled and dealed with the landlady until she gave into my requests. Probably because I was talking her ear off.

Lots of things were broken and needed to get fixed in our new house. 

  • Air-conditioning=broken
  • Downstairs toilet=broken
  • Upstairs bath=wouldn’t drain
  • Sink= leaky

Besides that, everything is okay. I live in a very cool little area of Richmond now (called Oregon Hill). It is very close to the James River, VCU, bars,  and is very central to most places I frequent in the city.


Not my house or picture, but what the neighborhood looks like.

The first night we hung out at our new house on the front porch, seven different people walked over and welcomed us to the neighborhood! Also, I found out that there is a neighborhood farmer’s market once a week. How freaking cute is that???

Plus, well- I love living with my little sister. We are super close in age (2 years) and get along very well.  Last year, I lived with all guys, which was super fun and low-key, but lets be honest…I miss being able to raid a roommate’s closet 🙂



On top of moving,  I have also been working and socializing a lot.  Probably too much.

Photo-bombed at my friend's birthday earlier this week.

Photo-bombed at my friend’s birthday earlier this week.

I have also been trying to up my biking mileage. Last week, I biked about 145 miles total.  Today, I hope to squeeze in a 60-ish mile ride after I get off work at 2pm, although the forecast is def calling for rain (grrrr). I will let yall know how that goes.

All of that constant activity plus little sleep has ended up in me catching a slight cold earlier this week.

How to Deal with When Life Catches Up With You:

1. Catch up on sleep. I had only been getting around 5-6 hours a night, which is basically nothing compared to my usual preferred 8-9.

2. Buy healthy groceries so you’re not eating crap. I bought salad, and although it was not the most appetizing while sick, it is way better for me than easy mac.

3. Rest on the exercise-front. I had to take a couple days off this past week. Instead of running or biking, I just started reading “Eat. Pray. Love.”  I’m late to the game, but its so good!

4. Plan something exciting for the weekend, so you have something to work to get well for!

I am hosting a one year adoption anniversary party for Scout this weekend! Apparently (at least I’ve been told) that I am a crazy dog lady for doing this, but good thing I have no shame.


American pup.

I have a feeling that it will be realllll classy and go somewhere along the lines of “every time Scout drinks out of someone’s beer, you have to finish yours.” Although, apparently in grad school, you are supposed to act mature…

Q: Have you ever hosted a party for your pet? ANY TIPS? I am thinking a party hat for Scout, but am very non-creative at these kinds of things.

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