Turn It Up! Tuesday: A Brief Guide to Music You Should Be Listening To. Right Meow.

I am in the process of moving houses right now, so life has been pretty very busy.  It is a LOT of work to move exactly one mile away, but that is life.

Moving sucks, but I try to keep focused on the one positive aspect- hauling boxes up and down stairs is an extremely good workout! So we will count moving for strength training this week 😉

Anyways, because of lack of time, I thought I’d share some music that I have really been digging lately, all for different reasons:

Best Song to Listen to at Work:

Where is My Mind?– Trampled By Turtles

I am completely biased on this selection, because TBT has been my favorite band for about 3 years now. They are a indie-ish bluegrass band formed out of Duluth, MN. Half of their fans are country folk and the other half are hipsters (I might fall into the 1% that is none of the above…) If you dig this song, I highly recommend their popular single, Wait So Long.

Best “Get Suddenly Really Happy” Song:

Wake Me Up- Avicii

What is up with the Swedes making terrific pop music these days? I’m obsessed and intrigued…

Best Workout Song:

Burn– Ellie Goulding

Ellie G. is my new idol not only because her amazing ability to create music that makes you think you can dance like Beyonce, but because she is also a half-marathon runner! Get it girl!

Best Song to Chill/Sleep to:

Down in the Valley– The Head and the Heart

This song actually always makes me want to cry for some reason. So embarrassing. But it’s low-key and an absolutely beautiful tune, so give it a listen! Sidenote: it also made the 100 Most Beautiful Songs According to Reddit.com. Amazing.

Best Song of 2013:

We Can’t Stop– Miley Cyrus

Just kidding. Terrible song.But her video is so sassy! Kind of love it…

Any songs that yall have been loving lately? 

Have you heard any of these songs that I’ve listed?

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1 Response to Turn It Up! Tuesday: A Brief Guide to Music You Should Be Listening To. Right Meow.

  1. The Blonde says:

    TBT does a great cover of Where is my Head? Thanks for sharing!

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