A Week of Workouts

Happy Sunday! 

This week for me has been kind of hectic because I’m getting ready to move into a new place on the 31st, so cleaning and packing has definitely consumed my life. Thank goodness I’m only moving a mile away!

Nonetheless, I definitely had some strong workouts this past week! I mainly try to bike and/or run at least 5-6 days a week, with 1 long run and 1 long ride somewhere in there.  Basically my training looks kind of like a Half-Ironman training plan minus the swimming. I’m getting ready for a bike race in the fall, and then maybe a 50K and an 8-hour trail running race in the winter, so I try to bike and run a lot!

I’m currently in grad school full time and work 20 hours a week, but school is not in session, so I also have a LOT of free time to workout and spend too much money going out to eat/drinks…


Biked for around 75 minutes, or 20 miles. Pretty uneventful except that I was scared it was gonna downpour on me the whole time. Richmond has been very rainy lately!

Did a 30 minute Yoga for Cyclists practice <—–Sage Rountree video! Good for opening up hips.


Woke up at the CRACK of dawn and biked a 40-mile route.

It was basically still pitch dark outside and I though I was going to get hit by a car the whole time (I had lights, don’t worry!). Coming home at 8:00am and already have burned like a gazillion calories for the day felt amazing, however.


Jogged 2 miles with Scout before work.

Around 8:30pm, a friend asked me to run to a bar with her, and obviously I was stoked. One of my very favorite things EVER to do is bike or run and having the final destination be food and/or beer. So clutch.

Ended up running 6 miles total for the day!


Ran 5 miles on a treadmill at the gym (very slowly)

Yoga at my college’s gym. It was actually a very terrible class because the instructor kept getting distracted and forgot what to say. It was a good stretch though and the final song was this CLUTCH piano cover of The Pixies song “Where Is My Mind?” Check it out!


I usually try to make it out to an early morning group ride on Fridays. We meet at 6:30am, bike for an hour (~15 miles usually) and then end at a local bread shop called Montana Gold Company. (Notice the trend with working out and eating….)

Anyhow, at MGC, I always get this HUGE cinnamon roll with pecans. Then I have a sugar high all day, but so worth it for all the gooey delicioiusness. Only downside of the bakery is that they don’t serve coffee (WTF), and usually after waking up at 6am, caffeine is a NEED.


In search of Montana Gold!

I went to work after the bike ride, and after I got off around 2pm, it was so beautiful outside that I had a hankering to go on ANOTHER ride. Also, the Jeremiah Bishop’s Gran Fondo (a 105 mile ride with 12,000 feet of climbing) is looming ahead of me (its in Sept), so riding as much as possible is basically my new game plan.

So I did a 40 mile loop to finish up with 57 miles of riding total for the day. Bam. My legs were tired and a cold Gatorade never tasted soooo good.


Special edition Strawberry-Lemonade flavor. So good!


Ran 10 miles around 10:30am with a new running buddy. It was extremely pleasant outside and felt wonderful! We started and ended at Ellwood Thompsons, a local organic food market that is pretty much a small version of Whole Foods, but with better coffee. Somehow I also got suckered into buying a super nice bottle of vino, so the rest of the day looked like this:

photo (9)


Woke up after a late night with a text from my sister asking if I wanted to go to my fam’s lake house.

There is seriously no better way to relax in the summer (in my opinion) than by floating on a lake on a warm summer day. Scout is obsessed with going to the lake too, because she gets leap off the dock into the water and swim to fetch tennis balls 🙂


Rivah Monster!

Do you do a mix of strength/yoga/cardio? I definitely lack in doing strength training besides the occasional plank.

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1 Response to A Week of Workouts

  1. echo says:

    Cool post!!

    I really should, but I don’t 😦 A gym is opening up soon near me and I’m thinking about doing pilates classes… we’ll see!

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